reSorb Baffles and Islands

Specifically designed to reduce the reflection of sound and control reverberation. reSorb Islands are easily retro fitted and are either suspended or wall mounted. They may be coloured and/or shaped to add to the aesthetic. Acoustically they absorb 100% of the sound in the speech frequencies. 

Sound and particularly noise in offices is reflected by hard surfaces such as walls and glass allowing the noise to travel further and in some circumstances to be amplified. This increases the distance at which distraction from colleagues occurs, reducing concentration and productivity.

In smaller meeting rooms and teleconferencing rooms the reflection of sound reduces the clarity of speech, sometimes making the conversation impossible to understand for remote parties. Acoustics by Design can calculate or test the acoustics and recommend how many islands and the best locations to optimize the acoustics for any office.

reSorb Islands are class A sound absorbers and class 0 fire rated.