Acoustics by Design Consultancy

We offer a fully qualified acoustics consultancy. Whilst trained in general acoustics, the focus is on offices and commercial interiors. 

Pre and post construction / fit out reports to achieve the best acoustic performance to maximise efficiency, concentration, speech privacy, comfort and wellbeing.

All reports adhere or refer to current standards but include practical advice based on experience and knowledge of the construction industry and a wide range of sectors.

Reports are often presented to stake holders and businesses to allow for interactive discussion and reduce the misunderstanding surrounding a technical subject.


Acoustics by Design have developed products and solutions over the years to reduce noise issues where practical or efficient solutions did not exist. We can advise on installation of these and other commercially available solutions. Often solutions are installed postoccupation which requires sensitivity to occupants and the already completed fit out.


Acoustics by Design works across Europe supporting both global companies and organisations as well as individual firms.

CPDs and Briefings

Acoustics by Design regularly give briefings to companies, architects, designers and workplace consultants. As experts on office acoustics, we are often asked to speak at events and submit articles.


Acoustics by Design have a number of key partners to consult and deliver the solutions in various countries.